​We guarantee that your property will pass the most intense of inspections. 

We are here to help your move run smooth.


We cover all the requirements that are needed to pass an inventory inspection.

We go to a level of cleaning hinges in the kitchen units, we clean doors & frames, we clean radiators and all the fiddly little bits that are hard to reach.


We cover the whole property - from the top to the bottom.


It saves (and will save) you an unfathomable amount of time & stress.

If you need to Guarantee your cleaning then call us or email. 

*must be given a chance to return in case any item is missed. 

  • ​If the carpets have any stains - make up, tea, coffee etc. 

  • If you have had pets.

  • If the property has grease damage in the kitchen.

  • If the property has been badly maintained and needs excessive cleaning.

  • If the property has high ceilings/windows unreachable.

  • If the property has double glazing or internal glazing.

  • If the oven needs drastic life saving help - If we can't see through the glass this may incur extra charges - No panic - just more time needed to make it look amazing).

  • Likewise - If your property is kept in amazing condition with a regular cleaner please let us know.

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