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We are asked varied questions and have tried to list the most common here - if there is anything that you are still unsure of then please get in touch.

Do you provide all cleaning materials?

Yes. We supply all items for the job. The total cost includes all cleaning materials being provided.

Do we have to be at the property to meet you?

Yes please, however, if for some reason you can't be present when our cleaners arrive that is no problem. Providing everything is as described at the property, and the working environment is safe, then we can collect keys from anywhere within a 1 mile radius for £25.


Do we have to stay at the property whilst you clean?



How do we pay you?

When the booking was made, we would have taken an email address from you. Once the job has been completed, we will email the invoice to you for immediate payment unless otherwise agreed.


Payment is due on completion of work by cash or bank transfer.


Payment also implements the guarantee. 

Do we have to return to the property to meet you once finished?

Yes, unless it is because you won't be in the area -


We would like someone available on completion of the job to check the work and pay the cleaners or make a bank transfer of funds. We can post keys through the letterbox or organise a specific location when agreed. 

We can even post them special delivery to your new address on request. 

Is carpet cleaning included?

If you book our full end of tenancy service then carpet cleaning is included as standard. 


What carpet cleaning method do you use?

We use the hot water extraction method of cleaning carpets and upholstery. 


Are curtains cleaned as part of the clean?

We vacuum curtains and freshen them - if you want them professionaly cleaned then we can arrange to have them collected and cleaned and re-hung. All at extra cost.


What about ovens?

Oven cleaning is included in our full end of tenancy clean service. This service includes the extractor fan and hob.


The oven must be well maintained to be included in the guarantee. - Please inform us if the oven needs major cleaning surgery.  - We will inform you of when the oven may not be able to be cleaned to an 'as new' standard. 


Do you collect keys?


Yes we can collect keys - Please ask us for prices. 

If possible keys can be delivered via special recorded delivery if collection is difficult.


Are you insured?


We are fully insured to £10,000,000 public liability & £5,000,000 employee liability. 


Is the clean guaranteed?


The clean is totally guaranteed to pass the most rigorous inspection. 


We return if anything is missed however conditions do apply so please read our terms of business. 


We will return if anything cleaning related is missed in the checkout within a 72 hour time frame (weekends not included - so complaints raised on a Friday cannot be rectified until Wednesday in some instances) - We aim to complete the clean to an detailed specification constantly, however, sometimes things do go wrong and items are missed. We ask you to respect the effort that has gone into the cleaning of your  property but welcome your suggestions on how we can improve the service.


We ask the complaint be raised within 48 hours of the inventory taking place. (Though we understand sometimes this isn't always possible). 


We also do not Guarantee a clean if the property has been badly maintained and cleaned rarely during the tenancy and you will be notified of this before work commences. This also applies to ovens that have seen better days and have never been cleaned. 


There is no guarantee of mould removal. 


There is no guarantee of heavy limescale removal in - showers and fittings and toilets.


We reserve the right to refuse any job on inspection upon arrival. 


Please be clear when booking what condition the property is in. It doesn't mean that we can't clean it - it just helps us in understanding your needs more. 


We do not offer a guarantee on carpet stains that are permanent in nature or on carpets that have been badly maintained or on flood damaged carpets. 

What happens if I am not happy?

You should in the first instance call us as soon as you know you are not happy. That way we can cover any concerns that you have and rectify them immediately - is the email to send photographs to of any complaints. 


We will do everything we can to resolve issues. 

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