Detail is everything - Never just a wipe with a cloth (Or pixies arriving miraculously)

Been a very busy week on the cleaning front - What we came across many times on our ninja cleaning missions was detail, or more accurately, the lack of attention towards it from other 'end of tenancy' cleaning companies.

We are asked, quite regularly to attend properties that have already been cleaned...(allegedly anyway) and that have failed an inspection miserably...

Your dilemma - Who can you choose to do your end of tenancy? Will they do a good enough job to pass an intense inspection?

Do they clean carpets? Is that a professional clean?

What about the oven? Will it be to an amazing quality?

It is important to realise that a domestic clean is not an end of tenancy clean - Cleaning companies tagging it on to a list of services available to an already packed service list may look great for what services are offered - but end of tenancy cleaning is a specialist subject - to pass an inspection by an inventory clerk/landlord/you is a precise operation.

Literally every single inch of your property needs to be cleaned (not just wiped) - Your inventory will be detailed - You need to have a cleaning service that allows that to happen rather than just plucking one from thin air and 'hoping' that they're going to be good.

- If you choose a cheap cleaning service that doesn't know what they are doing you are literally throwing that money away.

Checkout Clean guarantee the clean - We clean every single inch of your property - (kick boards - skirting - door frames) - Carpets steam cleaned as standard in our services (cleaning companies will say they do carpets and you'll get a vacuumed carpet - not a steam clean with professional equipment).

So choose wisely when you choose your end of tenancy cleaning provider.

Choose us.

We literally rock at what we do. You're in great hands if you choose us to look after your end of tenancy clean. We are a great cleaning service.

(And great cleaning services are rarer to find than a pregnant dodo)

If you're reading this - you've found one. Pilgrims will for sure visit your home to witness the miracle that has taken place.

And you'll be guaranteed a full end of tenancy clean that guarantees an intense inspection.

(even the underneath of plugs eh....who would have thought that needed cleaning)

Choose quality.

Scrub - July 1st

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