If you're moving soon - You'll need a quality cleaning service.

To clean to an end of tenancy standard takes not only time, but it also takes knowledge of what is entailed to pass an inventory inspection.

Remember, someone is going to check the property with an intense inspection at your inventory/checkout. You should therefore choose a cleaning company that know what they're doing.

^^^^^ This may well be being said to get you to choose us to take care of your end of tenancy clean - It is (and isn't) - There are such a plethora of cleaning companies offering to do end of tenancy cleaning that it is difficult to choose.

Checkout Clean only do end of tenancy cleans. (also known as - we know what we are doing)

If you're buying on the cheapest price then Checkout Clean probably won't be able to help you.

We are detailed quality cleaning which means thorough cleaning of every aspect of your property to a level that will pass anyones inspection.

What this means to you is that your property will be presented in an immaculate condition for your inspection, when you choose a service that knows what they are doing.

Checkout Clean know what we are doing.

You need 5 star cleaning services when dealing with end of tenancy cleaning and you don't want the stress of choosing anything less (which will cost you more in the end as your property will probably fail the clean and the landlord or agent will get a cleaning company in to clean the whole place again).

Checkout Clean only do end of tenancy cleaning - (it isn't just an "add on" to our services - It is our business - If you need great service then you'll be making a great choice.

We use bio-degradable products too -

Checkout www.doclemon.com

Call us - 0800 772 0922

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